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This week we’re reading a chapter a day from 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John as a part of the What’s Love Got to do With it? sermon series. Today’s reading is 2 John.

Though written to the “elect lady and her children” it is contested whether this was a specific family or, more generally, the church. Whatever the exact nature of the relationship it is founded and maintained in the truth.

John’s instructions in this brief letter read mostly like a summary version of his longer letter (1 John). He rejoices in the continued Christian walk. He issues the same command to love one another that we have had “from the beginning.” He reminds us that the best way to show love for one another is to obey the commandments of God. And, he warns these dear believers of those who don’t believe in Jesus – those who are an antichrist.

But, his primary warning is that we watch ourselves. His concern is that there are some who may not have a true faith. (See verse 4 where “some of your children” walk in truth.) The danger is that some might “go on ahead” and not remain in the clear gospel of Jesus. Those who walk away from the gospel do “not have God.” But, whoever remains in it has “the Father and the Son.” To protect ourselves we must examine the teaching of anyone who comes and refuse to receive those who turn from the true gospel of Jesus.

May we guard truth as the unifying and keeping force for all Christians.

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