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Romans 5:1-11

For the past several weeks I’ve been asking “What’s Love Got to Do With it?” We have searched the Scriptures and investigated what God says about love and pulled out several truths and challenges. But, you could say it all comes down to this day – when we celebrate the morning of Jesus’ resurrection. Today we come face to face with God’s greatest demonstration of love for us through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

Some truths in our celebration this morning:

*** God’s love is trinitarian.

God’s love operates through Jesus. v1: through our Lord Jesus Christ; v2: through him; v6: at the right time Christ died; v8: Christ died for us; v9: justified by his blood; v10: by the death of his son, by his life; v11: through our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no other way to meet the love of God than in Jesus.

God’s love fills us through the Holy Spirit. v5.

*** God’s love is undeserved. v6: while we were still weak, ungodly; v8: while we were still sinners; v10: while we were enemies.

*** God’s love restores God and his people. v1: we have peace with God; v9: we have now been justified; v10: we were reconciled, we are reconciled; v11: we have now received reconciliation.

This restoration is initiated by God (v8).

*** God’s love gives lasting change

v9: Having now been justified much more shall be saved from God’s wrath.

v10: As enemies we were reconciled much more shall be saved by his life. More than that we rejoice in God through Jesus.

*** God’s love is reason to rejoice. v2: we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. v3-5: we rejoice in suffering that leads to growth and hope; v11: we rejoice in God.

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