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Romans 8:26-39

Over the past four weeks we have been steadily working through the call to be loving people.

God is the source of love

We are to love one another

We are to love our neighbors

We are to love our enemies

Now, if we are honest we will admit how this gets progressively more difficult. Love of Christians? Sure. Love of neighbors? …OK. Love of enemies? …well…

So when we struggle with loving these (not if, when) it is because we struggle with believing that is the best thing. When someone wrongs us, when someone challenges us, when someone is different from us, we doubt whether or not it can be good for us to love them.

What good is in it for me?

What about what I will lose in the process?

What if I’m taken advantage of?

What if l love, but they don’t love me back?

Well, God has graciously given us some help for just such questions. One place we find such help is in Romans 8:26-39.

Romans 8 is a fantastic place to root yourself in the wonders that God has done for his people. It speaks of how we are so radically saved from sin that we can live in the Spirit; how we are heirs of God through Jesus; and how because of that we have a future glory that outweighs all of this life’s trials. We yearn for and try to patiently wait for all that God has for us with a continuing hope.

Then Paul adds this.

There are several passages here that may be familiar to you and are foundational to our standing with the Lord.

In these immense truths we find the confidence we need to free us to love Christians, neighbors, and even our enemies. It all rests in what God has lovingly done for us.

Let’s take a look at the incredible statements given here.

* God himself is actively seeking to bring about his will in your life (8:26-27). Spirit intercedes knowing the mind of God – therefore, praying rightly.

* God works everything for your good (8:28).

* God promises glorification (8:29-30).

* Nothing can stop God’s plans for you (8:31).

* God will give you all heavenly things (8:32).

* No one can condemn you (8:33-34).

* Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ (8:35-39).

There are two loves here that give us confidence and freedom. 1) Our love for God puts us under his care where he is working everything for our good. 2) Christ’s love for us which we cannot lose

As a result, God will graciously give us all things. Jesus intercedes so there can be no charge against us. We will conquer all trials through Jesus.

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