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God the Son has come to be with us – Immanuel. And, this is good news for us because God the Father is for us. But, the birth of Christ heralds even better news – God the Holy Spirit is coming to dwell in us.

Turn to Mark 1:4-9a.

Mark begins his gospel not with a baby, but with a prophecy. Instead of birth, he starts with a picture of new birth – baptism. [Read]

Jesus speaks much about what this means for us in John 14 and 16. We’re going to bounce a little between them. But, to begin turn with me to John 16.7 where we will discover a possibly shocking statement. [Read]

Maybe you’ve thought before how good it would be to live at a time where you could be with Jesus. Or that if you could be with anyone from history, you’d like to be with Jesus. I agree with that – and there’s nothing wrong with that – but, notice what Jesus says: It is advantageous (good / expedient) that Jesus go away – so that we can receive the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came to be with us so that he could leave us with the Spirit – which is better.

What is the advantage of being left with the Spirit?

Turn back to John 14.15-17.

~ He is our Helper. God will send another Helper (Advocate, Counselor). The word is “paraclete.” Not “pair of cleats,” that would be shoes. It means one who is called alongside to help.

~ He never leaves. This Helper will be with us forever.

~ He guides us to truth. He is the Spirit of truth. If we look further down into v25-26 we see that he will teach us and remind us of the things of Jesus.

~ He lives in the saved. He will be with us – but more! – he will be in us. And, who is this “us”? He is known by those who love Jesus (v15).

Then in 16.7-15

It is to your advantage for the Son who is with us to leave so that we may have the Spirit in us.

~ He convicts us rightly. He will convict us of our sin – primarily of not believing Jesus; of Christ’s righteousness – that he alone can go to the Father; and of coming judgment – in the judgment of Satan now

He will guide into truth – taking / hearing from Jesus and declaring to us.

Jesus came to be with us, to reveal God is for us, and to open the way for God to be in us.

Notice here that the Spirit leads to truth that Jesus wanted to tell but the disciples weren’t ready for.

Notice that the Spirit takes from Jesus to give to us.

And, in all this the Spirit glorifies Jesus.

The Spirit takes over after Jesus left to lead us back to Christ. He is the Counselor who comes to stay, to live in us, to convict us, and to guide us to truth. And, all of this brings glory to Jesus.

This morning you may realize that you have neglected to recognize the Spirit as God at work in your life. Maybe you have been convicted of some area in your life that is not honoring to God and now the Spirit is guiding you to the truth that you can only be right in Christ. Jesus died so that you could be forgiven if you’ll trust in Him. You can come forward today and talk to me about that and I’ll show you how you can have that forgiveness. Maybe the Spirit is leading you to make a decision that will glorify Jesus. You need to join our church, be baptized, take a stand in your home, work, or school. Whatever the decision is, would you come as we sing?

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