Sermon Notes

Luke 1:68-75.

Before we leave, the story of Christmas according to Zechariah.

Blessed be God

he has visited and redeemed his people

he has raised up salvation through David

just as he spoke by the prophets

that we should be saved from enemies

to show promised mercy and remember his holy covenant to grant us

that we, being delivered

might serve him without fear

in holiness and righteousness before him

all our days.

Praise to God for he has redeemed us through David’s line just as foretold.

He did this (v71-73) that we would be saved and to keep his covenant.

But, it wasn’t merely for granting us our own salvation,(v73+). Having received salvation that we might serve him…

We gain deliverance from our bondage to the enemy of sin and we are freed to walk fully as God’s people in service to him.

Jesus’ coming means we:

~ We can serve God

Prior to Christ’s redeeming work we are slaves to self-centeredness. But, in Christ we are freed to find greater and more lasting pleasures in pursuing God.

We are freed to place God first – to put him before us.

~ We need not fear (without fear)

of failure, of not being received, of being kicked out…

What would you do for God in the coming year if you were not afraid?

~ We should pursue holiness (in holiness and righteousness).

This freedom requires our involvement.

There’s a pursuit and growth necessary.

~ We are secure (all our days).

Call it a “resolution” or “turning over a new leaf” or whatever.

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