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This week we’re reading a chapter a day from 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John as a part of the What’s Love Got to do With it? sermon series. Today’s reading is 1 John 5.

John’s calls to obey commandments and love one another are actually connected. Those who love God also love His children. Love for God’s children flows out of love and obedience to God. As we overcome the hold of the world by faith, we find God’s commands to be a delight for us. And, only those who believe Jesus is the Son of God overcome the world.

Therefore, John points to three witnesses of Jesus. The Spirit of God testifies to Jesus. The water of His baptism testifies to Jesus where the Father Himself lays claim on Jesus. His own blood testifies as those who saw His death on the cross exclaimed, “Surely this man was the Son of God!”

But, these testimonies are only powerful when combined with your own. When you believe in Jesus you have the testimony of Jesus in yourself. And so, John challenges us to see Jesus for who He is – to know Him as God’s Son and to find love and obedience through Him.

The goal for Christians is to have a settled confidence in your own salvation and God’s willingness to hear and supply for you. This includes our prayers for brothers and sisters who have fallen (love one another). While we must pray wisely for one another, let us also pray boldly.

He concludes with three affirmations: We know that by Christ we are kept and protected to live free from sin. We know that we are of God but the world is growing increasingly evil. We know that Jesus has given us understanding so that we can continue to live in Him.

Let us live in the love of Jesus.

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